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Giuseppe Amato | Artist | Nautoscopio 's Industrial Designer

Born in Palermo in 1970, Giuseppe Amato graduates in molecular biology at the University of Pavia. He decides to open a workshop with vintage machinery bought from an old carpentry and abandons the scientific research path without regrets to devote himself to wood carving. From that moment on, he studies the classical cabinet making and creates unique furnishing, combining research on construction techniques and materials with the search for his own personal style. During the past 15 years he has created furniture and interiors “made-to-measure” for the country house of Enrico Job in Brescia, Lina Wertmüller’s house in Rome and the atelier of Sori Yanagi in Tokyo. In 2004 he designed the furnishing of the Brioni boutique and the Brioni Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel, both in Milan, as commissioned by Umberto Angeloni (the then CEO of the company). In the same year he conceived the project of a wooden mansion to be built on the Brioni Island in Croatia. The result was “Sixty Tons”, which will be displayed on a scale of 1:10 for its shape as a Modern Pile-Dwelling ideally located on Venice, inside the collective art show Detour Moleskine, parallel event of the XII International Architecture Exhibition of Venice. Each project by Giuseppe Amato pays attention to sustainability and plays with contrasting materials like wood, steel and iron which are always present in his work. Most of the pieces among which canoes, mailboxes, furniture for children, lighting, tables, bookcases, storage and kitchen systems, have been always designed as unique pieces for site-specific installations or in limited editions for private residences. His projects have been shown at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, at the ICFF in New York ADC, IDW Istanbul Design Weekend, at the Isetan Department Store in Tokyo, Museum Santral Istanbul, the Moma Design Store in Tokyo, Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milano, and in the 11th Istanbul Biennial - Parallel Event section. The new architectural series "Unexpected homes", dwellings conceived as installations, have been inaugurated building the prototype “Nautoscopio” (www.nautoscopio.tv) in Palermo after being shown in model scale 1:5 at the Green Energy Design Exhibition curated by Interni magazine in Milan.


Nautoscopio is an observatory-house to frame the landscape. Like the Frank Lloyd Wright’s structure in Taliesin hanging from a vertical beam seemed dangling in space, this "aerial" house, could revolve round a metal tree. The outcome is a project of a large room, a cavern with a wide opening outwards. Due to the limits of lifting up a whole house by hand, the lifting gear is like a big balancing weight placed inside the tree. So that it's possible to lift up people just using a winder. Nautoscopio can be raised by hand 15 mt. from the ground and revolves at 360° using ropes and a winch. It's 32 mt. high at the tree top and defines a 40 mt. circle with the two antennas. It may accommodate six people, water, caboose and cables for maximum load of 600 kilos. The inside space is an 8 mt. equilateral triangle. The equipped peaks and bunks are below the floor. The house structure is in aeronautical birch, the joints in aeronautical aluminum, the interiors in oak obtained from plants that died of old age, or else going to stake. Designed by Giuseppe Amato and inspired to Frank Lloyd Wright, NAUTOSCOPIO means: Instrument with a Shape of a Boat to Observe the landscape From July 13 to Dec 13 2009 this aerial structure, rises in the Palermo’s Harbor area named Foro Italico with the Patronage of the Port Authority of Palermo, the Region Sicily, The Municipal Council board of Tourism and Culture and the Province of Palermo. Nautoscopio  is the 1° of  the series "UNEXPECTED HOMES” conceived by Giuseppe Amato. http://www.internimagazine.it/Dynamic/ListItems,intCategoryID,32,intItemID,47,intLangID,2.html (www.giuseppeamato.it) With the idea of being both a Public Art Installation and an OnlineProject to host in its interior selected luminaries, artists, architects, designers, musicians, scientists, professors to perform or just having conversations about Art, Science, Music, Environment, etc. The whole project works as a temporary hub for the community sharing the results of these Talks, Meetings and Performances. Nautoscopio is an online observatory house. The 1st city to welcome the Nautoscopio House until December 2009 will be Palermo, in Italy. The 2nd will be Istanbul in 2010 as a crossover of different cultures such as Sicily was in the Past and still is in the Present. An aerial venue and a mobile ‘think-tank especially suited to develop new ideas as well as to produce knowledge, the structure has the ability to scan the horizon at 360 degree, the possibility to raise and stand it above the city level, combined with the boat-like interior and exterior design, make a space uniquely designed to ‘go beyond’ and explore the frontiers of scientific research. Artists and Scientists can spend a day inside the Nautoscopio to find inspiration about their current challenges and then share with the public. Attending various Protagonists from1st Viola at La Scala in Milan Danilo Rossi to the etoile Eleonora Abbagnato as well as the singer Rosalia de Souza or Rob Rutman and his steel cello, the Website raised from the experience produces cultural contents and selects the best website and video from the web to entertain 24/7 in an unseen format. Nautoscopio is meant to host weekly in its interior selected luminaries, Artists, Designers, Architects to have Conversations around the theme Good News for the Future, as well as Actors with a monologue, Musicians playing a Bach’s Suite for Cello Solo, Outsiders and Thinkers. The whole project works as a WebTv for the community allowed to see the Nautoscopio Talks On Demand in broadcast streaming and permanently in the web archive data.


Port Authority of Palermo
Region of Sicily Region
Sicilian Province Culture Dept Culture Dept
Municipal Council of Palermo, Tourism and Cultural Board
University of Palermo, Telethon Lab Palermo
La Scala Theatre of Milano
Trialogo Festival
Roma Cinema

A metaphor for a voyage into discovery and self-knowledge, the Nautoscopio can be an ideal stage for Artists Talk, a flying lab for conversations with a large 12mt window to observe outside from another point of view. The enlightened perspective of this aerial structure allows every week to explore unusual thoughts, as well as to produce words for an online magazine, conceived as a talk-show performance via web. The Nautoscopio rises at the same time as a Public Art Project and an observatory-house, soon to become an international call of Musicians, Actors, as well as Scientist Luminaries and nominee Nobel prizes in molecular biology. It will be a rare chance to invite for a conversation some of the most intriguing heads in the Culture system. For 1/2 Hour-Talks the protagonists could perform, play music or just ponder about Good News for the Future. The project curated by Raffaella Guidobono worked as an international call for Istanbul 2010 European capital of culture to host the structure in the main historical center area. Under the title “Good News” the Nautoscopio event takes place on a 2100 sqmt field with the idea of being a recipient for 1 up to 3 hours sessions of max 6 people (amongst which are artists, architects, designers, musicians, scientists, curators).

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